About Renie McClay

Renie is passionate about people, travel, and learning. She has roles as mom, sister, friend, aunt, daughter, volunteer, learning consultant and project manager. And has also been in roles in sales, sales management, training management and consulting.  All those roles make life messy sometimes, but they also provide an amazing richness. Her passport is always up-to-date with visits to more than 40 countries.  She enjoys working on humanitarian projects. She was recognized with an International Business Award and a Stevie Award for Women. Renie earned her BS in Marketing from Missouri State University, her MA in Global Talent Development from De Paul University, and a Healthcare Certificate in Gerontology from University of Phoenix. She is adjunct faculty for Roosevelt University and Concordia University.

She has published numerous books.

tAoMSM_cover_small    10-steps-small    111ideas-engage-global-audiences_cover_v5    fotify-sales-force-small    interactive-engaging.small    essential-guide-small

All books are available at Amazon.com. Click on each book for more information.


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