New Year, New Book

Happy 2014 and I hope as you are reading this you are not part of snowmageddon or experiencing travel/life disruption because of snowmageddon happening someplace else.

Last year about this time I blogged about “Do you have a book in you?” I’m moved to touch that topic again. Because I have a new book out this week, I am running into many people who have writing a book on their brain.

If you find the topic of getting published a bit intimidating, let me try and assist with that. I have a new book out,
“The Art of Modern Sales Management.” I can’t really say it is my book, it is a collaboration of 13 authors who have amazing experiences and skills and are willing to share them. Publishers like these types of books because it isn’t just one person telling what they know. For example, this group of contributors has the experience of companies like Kimberly Clark, Hilton, ADP, Kraft, Coca-Cola, JohnsonDiversey, Abbott, Citibank, Scandinavian Airlines, Hilti and so many more.

This method is a good way to start that publishing path. The responsibilities for a project like this are more creating a vision for the book, getting contributors, managing due dates, editing, and likely writing the intro and a chapter or two.  It is still a lot of effort, certainly.  But the work is different than sitting with a laptop and writing for seemingly endless hours when writing the entire book yourself.

I would like to publicly thank my contributors to “The Art of Modern Sales Management.” They have been an amazing team to work with. The added benefit of writing collaboratively is making connections or strengthening relationships – both things I value. Contributors in order of Chapters: Terrence Donahue, Leonard Cochran, Leo Tilley, Steve Gielda, Anup Soans, Joshua Soans, Sandy Stricker, Lou Russell, Joseph Anzalone, Alfredo Castro, Glenn Raines, and Ken Phillips. (You can read Claude’s chapter on managing global sales teams and you can read more about the manager in the role of strengthening the performance of their team members on the ASTD Sales Enablement blog.

My hope for you is to have a 2014 in which your wildest dreams come true.


Resources: More contributor style books that may be of interest are Fortify Your Sales Force, and  The Book of Road Tested Activities  and The ASTD Handbook, both by Elaine Biech. 

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